Repairophobia: It's a Real Thing!

The term Repairophobia - what does it mean? This term is defined by a fear of auto repair, and this is still a relevant mindset in todays time. But why does it exist, and how do people develop this fear? Part of this is phony reporting about auto repair shops ripping off customers. It is also due to bad experiences as shops who may not be the most honest in the industry. 

It's true that there are some bad shops out there, just like there a bad people in all industries in the world. However, this doesn't mean that all shops are bad and that all shops want to sell you stuff that you don't need - it's just not true! 

The best way to protect yourself or get over the fear of auto repair is by finding a shop that you can really trust. Some key attributes to look for are good online reviews, friendly staff members, estimates before completing work, mechanic certifications, a clean shop, and much more. 

The worst part about repairophobia is that it is causing car owners to doubt whether or not maintenance and regular service is actually needed for their vehicle. Yes, service costs money, but in the long run, you end up saving yourself hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars by avoiding major repairs that tend to be needed with poorly maintained vehicles. 

Here are Exclusively Bimmers, we want you to know that we are honest with all of our customers, and have your best interest in mind. There are good shops out there, and we are one of them! 

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